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Property Management

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

myResidential has years of experience of residential property management at the highest level. Our professional service is delivered to a high standard.

At myResidential, we aim to be the best managing agent rather than the biggest, we will provide a tailored block management service based around what our client expects. We manage their new and existing property investment portfolio and apply a unique support service for each property managed.

We understand that as a landlord you need a managing agent who will provide you with complete peace of mind, we, therefore, make sure we provide professional management service including quality repairs, tenancy documentation, and good communication at all times.

We follow through on our promise to treat every development as though we live there ourselves. We make sure the property is compliant with the current landlord and tenant laws prior to letting out the property

Letting your property

There are lots of reasons to let a property. It may be an investment or a source of income. Whatever the reason we are ready to understand your needs and to work with you.

Management Service

  1. Tenant Find: We find you a tenant and organise the tenancy agreement, leaving you with the day to day running of the let. See details...

  2. Fully Managed: A comprehensive and hassle-free service. Whatever you or the tenant need, we take care of it. See details...

  3. Member: We are a member of Tenant Deposit Scheme - a government approved tenancy deposit protection scheme in England and Wales


Useful Links

  1. Book a call-back appointment: [Click here]

  2. Get In Touch : +44 203 239 4012 or

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