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Influenced by both national and international factors, the Lagos development landscape is constantly evolving, and great potential exists to deliver exceptional returns. Whether it is the comprehensive “Asset Evolution” service or individual specialist advice you require, the team is able to significantly enhance returns on your project.

Prioritising client requirements and delivering value is central to our mission. From identifying joint venture partners on a discreet basis to delivering national marketing campaigns, we tailor our strategies to each client’s requirements, enabling them to maximise the value of their assets.

If you want to know more about how we can assist you in any matters surrounding land sales and acquisitions, please get in touch. 




Available land for sale

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How it works


Simply choose from our list of available land opportunities. Diversify your property portfolio to include land in various cities. 


Typically, the price of land goes up, not down. However, it usually takes a few years for it to increase in value. Land is for investors who are patient and smart. 


Selling is simple. We can re-sell your land after it has appreciated in value or you may decide to build on the property. 



Can International Investors be considered?

Absolutely – all property investments are open to the global investor community. Customers based in China, South Africa, Nigeria, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are among the highest proportion of investors.


Do You Provide a Management Service?

Yes – all our  investments are fully managed by our specialist in-house teams.


Do You Provide Exit Strategies?

We can help you to re-sell your investment through our dedicated re-sell market platform.


Which is Your Latest Development?

Our latest opportunities are spread across the globe – contact us for our latest availability.

What Makes it Unique?

This opportunity is attracting buyers from all over the world and is considered a wise Investment. 


Why Should I Choose this Development Over Other  Property Investments I’ve Seen?

Few other projects can boast a track record of delivery and success. For years, our global investors have continually bought from myResidential.


Why is Land A Blueprint for Success?

A blank canvas

Buying land effectively means moving into your own blank canvas, on which you can stamp your own style and personality from day one


No onward chain means less stress and hassle

Buying land is stressful enough without the compounded risk and stress of potentially being gazumped, outbid, or at risk of the property being withdrawn. 


Incentives to help you take your first step onto the property ladder

For those wanting to buy a property but cannot quite afford the deposit, buying land could make a big difference.

More for your money

Buying land typically means you invest now and sell later. For investors, the potential exists to benefit from capital appreciation as house prices rise over time.


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