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Vast Land

24/7 Power Supply

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Eko Atlantic is an investment opportunity on a massive scale: an entire state-of-the-art city being built to house the overwhelming demand for A-grade real estate in Nigeria – Africa’s largest and fastest-growing economy.

This grand project has created a wealth of opportunities for individuals, companies, and organizations to acquire plots of land within Eko Atlantic for private development.

Land is sold per m², with prices per m² starting from $1,050.

Phases 1 and 2 plot sizes start from approximately 2,200 m².

Phase 3, land within this phase starts from approximately 1,200 m². 



One of Eko Atlantic’s most impressive features is Eko Boulevard, a central road about 2 kilometres long and 60 metres wide. It is similar in size to the Champs-Élysées in Paris or Fifth Avenue in New York. Eko boulevard has a six-lane carriageway for smoothly-flowing traffic.

This wide avenue will feature an array of additional towers with an average of 35 floors, turning this inspirational development into a powerhouse for corporate, financial and commercial activity. At the northern end of the boulevard stands an iconic building, which will be about 50 storeys in height and its acquisition represents the highest level of investor confidence in our emerging city.

In addition to carefully controlled city-wide basement and multi-storey parking, more parking spaces will be allocated on the first or second floors of all the buildings, connected by overhead walkways. The ground floor units, which will have direct access on to the streets, will be reserved for shops, bars, cafés and restaurants. Strolling along the wide pavements will be a pleasure, with plenty of opportunities to meet friends or clients for a drink or a meal.

Shopping Mall Escalators

Great Investment Opportunity

  • Independent 24/7 power supply

  • Water and wastewater treatment

  • Fiber optic communication connections to ever plot of land

  • Plots of land are delivered with connection to utility services

  • Elevated street levels to accommodate basement parking above ground water

  • Seamless deed of assignment and construction approval process

  • Building in a city specifically planned for medium to high density development

  • Value added amenities within the city include:

  • 10.2km long waterfront promenade

  • 2 large marinas connected by an internal water-way

What Makes it Unique?

This opportunity is attracting buyers from all over the world and is considered a wise Investment. 


Why Should I Choose this Development Over Other  Property Investments I’ve Seen?

Few other projects can boast a track record of delivery and success. For years, our global investors have continually bought from myResidential.

Can International Investors be considered?

Absolutely – all property investments are open to the global investor community. Customers based in China, South Africa, Nigeria, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are among the highest proportion of investors.


Do You Provide a Management Service?

Yes – all our  investments are fully managed by our specialist in-house teams.


Do You Provide Exit Strategies?

We can help you to re-sell your investment through our dedicated re-sell market platform.


Which is Your Latest Development?

Our latest opportunities are spread across the globe – contact us for our latest availability.




Image by Katrin Hauf
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