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Would you live in this £1,625 flat where you can reach the toilet from your bed?

If the worst part of your day is getting out of bed and traipsing to the bathroom for a pee, you’re in for a real treat. This prime piece of real estate allows you to reach your toilet right from where you sleep. And likely smell it too. Located in trendy Camden, you’ll be only a stone’s throw from emo club nights filled with 40-year-olds and t-shirts that say iPod on them.

The money saved can be spent on the rent for this little pied a terre, which comes in at £1,625. You really are paying for the convenience. According to Foxtons: ‘This is a stunning studio flat boasting high-specification fixtures and fittings, high ceilings and newly refurbished interiors that are of the highest standard.’ Can you imagine writing that description? The alarm in your brainwriting ‘don’t mention the bed toilet, don’t mention the bed toilet’ in huge ticker-tape over your line of vision?

Foxtons have called this bedroom/toilet situation the ‘sleeping area’ on the floor plan. They’re quick to mention the Smeg oven and engineered wood floors. They even reference the ‘imposingly high ceilings’. No mention of the bed toilet.

But it’s definitely real. Too real almost. The only plausible explanation is that this was formerly one half of a single property that’s now two, and where the bed is sitting right now used to house a bath.


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