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Inside crumbling abandoned mansions worth £350 million on UK's Billionaires' Row

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

The road in Hampstead, North London, is a 66-house street boasting some of the most valuable properties in Britain

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New footage has emerged from inside the crumbling £350 million mansions left abandoned on London's so-called Billionaire's Row. The road, named The Bishops Avenue in Hampstead, north London, is a 66-house street featuring some of the most valuable properties in Britain.

Despite their hefty price, many of these houses have been abandoned. New footage captured by documentary makers "Beyond The Point" this month shows empty, mouldy hot tubs and swimming pools, as well as abandoned gardens filled with pricey sculptures.

In some cases, the houses are in such bad condition that their ceilings have collapsed and pigeons skeletons lie across rotting carpets.

Further unseen footage shows a perfectly kept living room left to ruin in one of these multi-million-pound mansions. Beautiful antiques furnish the house and magazines lay on the floor as if the house's millionaire owners would return at any moment.

Other clips by the YouTubers "Beyond The Point" reveal graffiti-strewn windows which looked into a ballroom with a majestic grand gold staircase which has been overtaken by ferns and the ceiling collapsed.


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