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Cost / Guide to relocating back to Nigeria.

For those of you in the diaspora who worked hard and you want to relocate back home or you will like to retire at 65 years old with no major health issues . Don’t get sent to old people’s home by your children you will die early .

For $150,000 you will buy a 4 bedroom half duplex in estates like the one I live in high brow Lekki Lagos . Bring your car and furniture from your country of residence and if you live in the USA and the UK my company - myResidential can help you move

To enjoy your residence you need to buy a battery inverter and a generator to compliment the power from the electric company . Budget about $400 a month for electric and diesel fuel costs .

House help will cost you $100 a month . Estate fees about $150 a month to cover street light , private security at the entrances and street patrol and garbage pickup . Water bill about $50 a month . Food and grocery costs depend on your taste . Internet and cable TV about $150

If you collect $2,000 a month in social security you have lots to spare and save to visit the USA once a year for your medical check up .

Lagos Island has beaches , clubs and nice restaurants to enjoy . You have no business leaving the island unless you are going to the airport . An American friend of mine decided to retire in Lagos and he is having the best time of his life after selling his house in the USA bought one in Nigeria and I helped him to move all his belongings and car here . If an American can enjoy here so can a Nigerian in diaspora . If you are a professional and not tired you can be a consultant here in your field but do not come here looking for a job in retirement.

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