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More and more graduates are returning to live within the shadow of their alma mater

‘The happy memories people make at university can certainly exert a very strong pull,’ Andrew Perratt, head of country at Savills, told Country Life.

‘We’re seeing both young families and older couples returning to these locations, which offer a brilliant quality of life, as well as an attractive price differential with London.’

With that in mind, we’ve picked out a top 10 – and examples of what sort of money you’d need to afford a fine family home in one of these superb spots.

  1. Oxford – £2.35m

  2. Cambridge – £1.5m

  3. Edinburgh – £1.075m

  4. Bristol – £1.2m

  5. York – £1.395m

  6. Leeds – £1.1m

  7. Newcastle – £995,000

  8. St Andrews – £1.5m

  9. Exeter – £800,000

  10. Norwich – £825,000


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