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House prices continue to rise in Ghana

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Residential property prices are surging to an all-time high, mainly buoyed by the influx of non-resident Ghanaians and foreign homebuyers, according to local real estate experts. In Accra, the country's capital, the average house price was GHS315,000 (US$86,957) in mid-2013, about 12% higher than in the rest of Ghana, based on a collection of house prices listed on In recent years Ghana has seen a steady stream of other European and American passport holders of African descent arriving at Kotoka International airport, responding to the resource boom and a manufacturing boom. They collect their possessions from shipping containers at Tema port and search for homes in Accra's popular residential areas. They are coming for what seems like the limitless opportunities in what has often been seen as one of Africa's best-run countries. Read more...

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